Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kalayla | Argentina

Kalayla Hough is a UW Master’s student who studied abroad during the summer of 2012. Kayayla planned her trip to Argentina with the help of a program provider named International Studies Abroad.

Kalayla spent her summer at the University of Belgrano, which she says she would recommend to other UW students because “the teachers were very invested in the students' education and the facilities were very nice.”  The University also opened their intramural sports teams to international students, which Kayala enjoyed very much. She said, “I would advise students to get involved in an intramural sport to interact with locals.”

During her time abroad, Kalayla stayed with an Argentinean family in the Nuñez neighborhood of Buenos Aires. She described the city as, “the most beautiful place I have ever been." Kalayla’s favorite memory of her study abroad experience was a day she spent introducing two of her friends to Buenos Aires.  She reflected on this day saying, “we started the day by browsing handcrafted items in the local weekend market, where we also purchased local food.  Then we took the food to a nearby park and watched the Argentines play fútbol (American soccer).  It was the perfect day.”

Kalayla says that the most challenging situation she came across during her time in Argentina was trying to stay safe during outings at night. Reflecting on this, she said, “We made a concerted effort to be smart and safe about our outings.  We always made sure to carry limited valuables and keep the items we did take with us close to our body. We also made sure that we knew what public transportation options were the closest to us and we made sure that we knew how to get home.”

Kalayla made the most of her study abroad experience and she hopes you will to. To maximize your study abroad, Kalayla says, “Enlist one or two people from your program and explore the city you live in every chance you get. Go to a new local market every day, see a new park, or eat something local that you've never tried. Try to learn as much as you can by doing and not just listening. Don't be afraid to ask questions and ALWAYS look at your experiences as different then home experiences and NEVER as better or worse."

If you’re planning to visit Argentina, or work with a program provider, please feel free to contact Kalayla at

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mariah | Honduras

Mariah Price is a junior UW student who travelled to Honduras during the summer of 2012 as part of a Medical Brigade Faculty-Led Program. During the trip, a group of University of Wyoming students earned academic credit while working at a medical clinic in the rural community of Agua Salada.

Reflecting on the trip Mariah said, “It was a great way to give back. I loved helping teach the children at the schools about healthy living and English.” The trip also provided an excellent opportunity for Mariah to improve her Spanish because she acted as the Spanish/English translator for the group!

Considering Spanish, Mariah said, “I would recommend this trip for those wanting to work on their Spanish skills, or just utilize them in general. I really progressed in the short time. There were also some medical terms that I did not understand at first; yet, I quickly learned the medical terms through immersion.”

Mariah will enjoy wonderful memories of her trip in Honduras for years to come; especially poignant are her memories of the local people. She said, “One of my favorite memories is our last night in Agua Salada. The community threw us a party, we attended a service at the church, enjoyed a delicious cake, and even had a dance with all of the local people.”

Mariah says she would recommend the trip to anyone! She says, “It was very beautiful and the people were great. I will never forget the short time I spend in Honduras.”

If you are interested in traveling to Honduras or participating in a Faculty-Led Program, please feel free to contact Mariah at