Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rhiannon | Israel

Rhiannon Jakopak is a UW junior who traveled to Israel during the summer after her sophomore year.

During her trip, Rhiannon lived mostly in hostels, which she would recommend to others.

Rhiannon’s favorite activity of her trip was visiting Jerusalem’s Western Wall each Friday. The Western Wall is considered one of city’s holiest sites and visitors come from all over the world to pray at the wall and to manifest their wishes. About the wall, Rhiannon said, “Jerusalem was my favorite city, but the Western Wall was my favorite part of the city. It is definitely a must-see.”

In addition to the Western Wall, the Tel Aviv beaches were one of Rhiannon’s favorite places to spend time. Looking back on the trip, Rhiannon said, “I couldn't possibly pick a favorite memory; there were so many incredible parts of the trip.”

If you’re interested in finding out more, or visiting Israel yourself, please feel free to e-mail Rhiannon at

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