Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dennis Alm | Sweden

Dennis is a UW Senior who travelled to Sweden during the spring of 2011. He attended Linnaeus University as an exchange student. Linnaeus is located in Kalmar, Sweden along the Baltic Sea.  Dennis highly recommends Linnaeus University to other UW students. Linnaeus’ Exchange Student Office helped him coordinate living accommodations, social activities, and English courses. Dennis chose to live in off-campus ‘Kalmarhem at Stagneliusgatan’ apartments; he really enjoyed apartment-living in Sweden.

While attending Linnaeus, Dennis participated in the Erasmus Student Network Group, a network of 50 exchange students. As a member of the group, he attended city tours, dinners, parties, and even a snowboarding trip. Dennis’ favorite trip with the group was the ESN Sea Battle, a 2 night student cruise between Stockholm, Sweden and Tallinn, Estonia with around 2,000 exchange students from all over the Baltic Region.

Advice From Dennis

Dennis’ advice to UW students looking to travel abroad is to "be proactive before you go.” By this he means learning some of the language (before you arrive) in order to assist you with everyday tasks like grocery shopping and buying train tickets.  He also recommends completing your Visa paperwork as soon as possible.  According to Dennis, “the Swedish Consulate requires you to send your passport to them before you go… and this process may take a while.”

Dennis also suggests that you keep all important information, like your foreign cell phone number and address, in your backpack while travelling. Dennis kept this information in his checked luggage and then ran into trouble when his bags were lost!

Even with this setback, Dennis greatly enjoyed his study abroad experience. He says, “take advantage of what the study abroad program has to offer while you can. Enjoy being a student while the opportunities are endless .”

Because of his semester in Sweden, Dennis now has friends all over the world!

If you’re thinking of travelling to Sweden, you can contact Dennis at   

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