Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kat | UK & Trip Across Europe

Kat at the Vatican in Rome

Kat Cordes is a junior UW student who traveled to the United Kingdom during the spring of  2012. Kat spent five months living with a family in north Camden, which she really enjoyed. She describes the semester as a collection of “spectacular moments,” from getting to know the people, seeing the historical sites, going to shows, and enjoying the culture. Kat describes the trip as “simply perfect!”

 Eiffel Tower (by: Kat)
At semester’s end, Kat traveled across Europe with friends. They used couchsurfing.com to find no-cost accommodations while meeting incredible people, enjoying city life, and visiting the sights. She describes this trip across Europe as “the most enlightening I have ever done in my life.”          

Kat recommends that UW women “stay present and recognize the potential threats” when they are travelling abroad. Kat says she gathered this skill quickly during her time in Paris and Athens.

If you are considering studying in the UK, or taking a trip across Europe, feel free to contact Kat at kcordes1@uwyo.edu

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