Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jazlynn | Peru

Jazlynn Hall is a sophomore UW student who travelled to Peru in summer of 2012. As part of the faculty-led program, Jazlynn took an archaeology class at UW then completed an archaeological field program with a UW faculty member in Peru.

During the field school, Jazlynn, and the other UW students, lived in a suburb called Banos del Inca, named for the town’s hot springs. She enjoyed living in Banos del Inca very much. During the field school, she excavated pottery pieces, cultural leavings, and to her surprise… human remains (that had not been touched in hundreds of years)!   Jazlynn called the field school a “fantastic experience.” Following the field school, she traveled to a tourist surf town called Huanchaco.

Jazlynn did not know Spanish when she left for Peru; said that not knowing the language made communication very difficult. If you are in this situation, Jazlynn recommends learning the names for basic foods first, then picking up small phrases that will allow you to interact with locals. With limited Spanish skills, Jazlynn learned to rely on body language and gestures, which she found very helpful! Although nonverbal communication proved useful, Jazlynn would not suggest going to a country without learning the language basics.

If you’re thinking of participating in a faculty-led program, or travelling to Peru, feel free to contact Jazlynn at Jhall35@uwyo.edu.        

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