Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Anna | Kenya

Anna is a UW sophomore who traveled to Kenya the summer after her freshman year.  Anna was enrolled in a Faculty-Led Program during which she earned credit by participating in an African safari.

She says that visiting Kenya was a “lifelong wish,” and she thoroughly enjoyed the safari in Maasi Mara. Her group saw lions and “many other amazing animals.” Anna was mesmerized by the sight of “truly wild” animals. She describes it as follows, “They were truly wild, not in a zoo with fences. It was something that words can hardly describe.

Anna’s trip was quite the adventure. At several points, the group’s safari van got stuck in the mud. She says, “It was scary because we were in the middle of nowhere, with no one else around, but we all just worked together and eventually got the van unstuck and found our way back.”

Anna reflected on the trip saying, “I’m so glad I had the opportunity to see this amazing country.”

If you are planning to participate in a Faculty-Led Program, or travel to Kenya, feel free to contact Anna at aedwar14@uwyo.edu   

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