Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lindsay | Peru

Lindsay Olson is a UW Master’s Student in International Studies who traveled to Peru to conduct research on sustainable farming methods during the summer of 2012. Lindsay says that “meeting and working with individuals in the farming communities was not only beneficial to my research but also was a great human interaction and an opportunity to make friends.”

While in Peru, Lindsay lived in several places. She stayed in hostels and completed home-stays in the city and in “the campo.” She enjoyed each of these accommodations and recommends them to other UW students who choose to travel to Peru.

Lindsay also suggests that an UW students who are in the Andes, visit the “amazing Incan ruins, including Machu Picchu.” She also recommends   visiting Cusco for its “interesting museums and vibrant food markets.”  Another benefit of visiting the city of Cusco is that “Cusco and surrounding areas are very safe.”

Lindsay suggests that UW students take advantage of all opportunities to travel abroad. She says, “traveling abroad is always worthwhile no matter if it is an independent research or a faculty-led trip; utilize the help of the International Programs office, they are very helpful and can make the planning process easier.”

If you’re interested in traveling to Peru, or conducting independent international research, feel free to contact Lindsay at lindsayo@uwyo.edu

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