Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Paul | France

Paul Aubrecht is a UW PhD student who completed an Exchange program in France during the Summer of 2012. As a law student emphasizing in Human Rights, Paul studied at Regent University’s Strasbourg Campus. He says he would suggest this program to, “any law student because the teachers were excellent, the facilities first class, and the off campus opportunities unique and helpful.” However, he also added that, “Regent is a Christian University so I would not recommend this program for anyone who is unwilling to accept that Christian Values and Prayer.”

During his time in France, Paul lived, “in a studio apartment with a private bathroom at the Foyer Notre Dame near the Cathedral in the Center of Strasbourg.” He enjoyed these living arrangements and recommends them to other UW students.

Along with studio apartments, Paul suggests doing as much reading and coursework as possible in advance. According to Paul, “This allows for more time to enjoy the Country.” For students traveling to France, Paul says: “I would make sure to take the time to go see Paris. The main points of interest for me (in Paris) were the Eiffel Tower, the Arch De Triumph, and the Louvre Museum.”

Paul says that his greatest challenge was packing! He reflects, “There were a lot of things I packed that I did not use. It makes the trip much easier if you only take the things you absolutely need. I also found myself caught in the rain several times. I'm glad I packed a rain suit, so it was not a problem for me.” He also recommends learning at least some of the language to, “help you get around.”

If you’re planning to travel to France, or participate in an Exchange, please feel free to contact Paul at

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