Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ana | Albania

Ana Burgi is a UW master’s student who completed an internship in Albania during the summer of 2012. As a law student, Ana greatly enjoyed the legal internship.

Reflecting on her international internship she says she worked with  “a great team” and that she “really liked her supervisor.” Ana highly recommends international internships and says her internship was a “great networking experience.”

During her summer internship, Ana rented an apartment in Tirana, Albania. She suggests that any UW students visiting this area visit Kruja’s historic museum.  At the museum , “you can learn a lot about the history of Albania and you can see some authentic houses.” Ana says, “Albania is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean places.” In particular, she recommends that UW students visit southern Albania where you will, “will find the most amazing beaches and the most delicious food.”

Ana also found Albanians to be, “very friendly.” In fact, the only major downside of her trip was the hot weather.  To deal with the heat,  Ana stayed indoors and avoided walking during the hottest hours of the day.

If you’re thinking of travelling to Albania, or completing an international internship, feel free to contact Ana at aburgi@uwyo.edu

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