Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christian | Costa Rica

Christian Bopp is a junior at UW who travelled to Costa Rica in the spring of his sophomore year. Christian was a study abroad student at Veritas University in San Jose, Costa Rica. Christian loved Veritas and said that, “the faculty and students were awesome.” He was also very impressed with the University’s extracurricular activities and academically-oriented outdoor excursions.

To set-up his study abroad experience, Christian worked with a program provider called International Studies Abroad (ISA). ISA has a partnership with UW and regularly serves UW students in planning their study abroad trips. ISA helped Christian set-up his studies and also matched him with his Costa-Rican host family. ISA also coordinates local weekend trips for study abroad students.

Christian took part in many short trips around Costa Rica and thinks that this travel is an important part of any study abroad experience. About this he says, “I would advise students to make traveling and experiencing the local culture a priority (in addition to classes).” Christian traveled frequently, including many surfing expeditions and a trip to LasIslas de Ometepe in Nicaragua to hike Volcanoes. His favorite memory from his travels is “body surfing in the waves with my family at the Parque Nacional deManuel Antonio.”

However, Christian did encounter some challenges during this semester abroad. In fact, he experienced some safety concerns during his time in Costa Rica. He recounts the experience as follows, “I was robbed along with some other gringos in a park at night near where I lived…  I would advise people in this situation to remain calm and do whatever necessary to make sure you and your friends are safe.  I remained calm and no one was hurt.”

Despite this frightening situation, Christian recommends that all students travel. He says, “Traveling is one of the most eye opening things a person can do and is most beneficial when young!  GO TRAVEL!”

If you’re interested in travelling to Costa Rica, or working with a program provider to set up a study abroad, feel free to contact Christian at  cbopp@uwyo.edu

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