Friday, November 16, 2012

Daniel | Kenya

Daniel Greenwood is a UW student who travelled to Kenya in the Summer of 2012 as part of a Faculty-Led Program. The focus of Daniel’s Faculty-Led course was African wildlife. As such, the group spent their time at the Mpala Research Centre in Nanyuki, Kenya.

A highlight of Daniel’s trip was his visit to the Ol PejetaWildlife Conservancy. The conservancy breeds black rhino’s and Daniel had the opportunity to view and feed several rhinos. Reflecting on the experience he says, “it was awe inspiring to be in the presence of such a threatened animal.”

While in Nanyki, Daniel lived in a two-man wall tent along the Ewaso N'giro (River Camp). He said the tent had “nice beds” and he would recommend the living accommodations to other UW students who will be living in Kenya.

One of Daniel’s greatest challenges, while living in Kenya, was adjusting to the food. The group was fed “very graciously,” but found some of the food (especially the meat) to be unusual. Ultimately, Daniel learned to see eating in a foreign county as a valuable new experience and he started to try everything he was served. This was one of many circumstances during which he realized that, “many problems can be overcome with a little open-mindedness.”     
Daniel’s favorite memory from his time in Kenya was a trip through the conservancy. During the ATV trip, the group’s vehicle got stuck in the mud and they had to finish the trip on foot. The group embraced the experience. Daniel describes it saying, “we danced and sang with the gracious people in the village (that our vehicle got stuck in)…I was not expecting the cross-cultural experience, but it was a pleasant surprise.”

If you’re thinking of travelling to Kenya, or participating in a Faculty-Led Program, feel free to contact Daniel at                 

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