Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Breanna | Chile

Breanna is a senior UW student who traveled to Chile during the 2011-12 academic year. Breanna was a study abroad student at Chile PontificalUniversity of Valparaiso, Chile . Because UW did not have an exchange program in Chile, Breanna worked with a program provider to set up the trip; Breanna said she would recommend this to other students. She lived with I lived with a “huge family” that included  a mom, dad, two older brothers, and a younger sister and brother. Breanna had a great time with her host family and recommends home stays to other UW students.  

Breanna enjoyed being a student in Valparaiso, Chile! She said there were, “tons of activities to get involved in” at Chile Pontifical University. And, she was surprised by the supportive teachers and commented that, “the teachers were super interested in the students!”   
Breanna loved life in Valparaiso, and advises all UW students to “pick a city that appears more interesting to you than a country.” This is because, according to Breanna, you will  “actually be staying in the city more that you realized.”              

Her favorite memory from her time abroad was “trekking through Torres del Paine.”  During which Breanna made her first trip to Patagonia. She says, “the views were unforgettable.” Breanna recommends that other UW students who visit Valparaiso check out the artistic community and visit the Cerros.

The greatest challenge that Breanna faced during her trip was dealing with the bus system. Because bus systems are unfamiliar to many Wyoming students, Breanna says to “ride the bus a lot, get lost, and keep an open mind.” She also suggests giving yourself extra time when traveling by bus.

Breanna describes her study abroad experience as “the best choice I have ever made in my life.” Without it she says “I would never have gained this confidence and new perspective on life.”

If you’re interested in going to Chile, working with a Program Provider, or having a home stay, feel free to contact Breanna at bricha15@uwyo.edu

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