Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sarah | Germany

Sarah Armel is a UW senior who traveled to Germany during the summer after her junior year as part of a Faculty-Led program. Sarah and the other UW students stayed in hotels and hostels, and Sarah recommends these accommodations to other UW students.

During most of the trip the group studied Germany history, with a focus on the Second World War and the Holocaust. They concluded their trip with a two-night stay in the city of Hamburg where they attended the German Cup soccer championships. Sarah said, “It was an amazing experience to watch the game with a whole crowd of Germans, and the best part was that Germany won the game.”  Sarah suggests that any UW students who travel to Germany make a stop at one of Hamburg’s fresh fish markets. Although Sarah doesn't eat fish in the US, she found German fish to be quite tasty.

The greatest challenge that Sarah encountered during her trip were travel delays. Unfortunately, her flight out of Denver was delayed and she missed her connecting flight to Frankfurt, Germany. Because of the delays, Sarah, who spoke little German, had to travel by train across Germany and find her way to the group’s hotel. Sarah’s cell phone was not functional in Germany, so she could not call a cab. Luckily, as Sarah was attempting to walk to her hotel she encountered two college-age girls who spoke English and were able to call a taxi for her and help her find her way. Sarah is very grateful for these girls, without them she is not sure that she would have found her way.

Reflecting on her experience in Germany Sarah says, “Anytime that you have the opportunity to travel, you should take it…. The world has a lot to offer and you should take advantage of every opportunity to see it.”

If you are interested in traveling to Germany or completing a Faculty-Led program, feel free to contact Sarah at

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