Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kelsy | Turkey

Kelsy Werries is a UW senior who traveled to Turkey during the Summer of 2012 as part of a Faculty-Led Program. The group traveled to 7 cites, and Kelsy quickly fell in love with the culture.  
Kelsy nostalgically remembers her first night in Turkey. Thinking back she said, “That first night eating dinner and listening to the call to prayer will forever be ingrained in my brain. Everything was new, the sounds, smells, and tastes; every sense was alert and engaged. That evening was truly surreal and I will never forget that moment or that feeling.”

Kelsy also looks back fondly on the group’s trip to Istanbul. Istanbul was “ very exhilarating and exciting.” She quickly fell in love with Istanbul’s “beautiful colors and textures that make up the giant maze of the city.” If you have a chance to visit Istanbul, Kelsy suggests visiting the Yerebatan Sarayi (an underground cistern) and the Grand Bazaar, she says these places will “enchant you.”

Although Kelsy felt safe during the most of the trip, she did feel unsafe one night in Goluck, a small mountain town. Most of the town’s hotel’s and businesses were not yet open for the season. Late in the evening, when Sarah and her roommate were in bed, two men (whom the girls had met earlier), knocked on their door. The girls opened the door and were surprised when the men asked them suggestive questions. Kelsy described opening the door as, “a brief lapse of judgment” and suggests that you do not invite foreign guests in to your personal space late in the evening (even if they are friends).

Kelsy highly suggests that UW students visit Turkey. Sarah said, “The country is bursting with history and culture. I enjoyed every moment of my time and will never forget it.”

If you’re interested in travelling to Turkey, or participating in a Faculty-Led Program, feel free to contact Kelsy at

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